The Electrical Industry Playbook: An Introduction to the Market, its Players, and the Business

Developed by Electro Federation Canada (EFC), the Electrical Industry Playbook is an online training module for new employees to help jump-start their understanding of the electrical market so they can successfully navigate the industry. This module is also an important resource for existing, tenured employees to help further sharpen their skillsets and advance their industry knowledge.

Empowering your team with training resources provides tangible benefits to you and your team and, ultimately, to your partners and customers. 


Recommended Audience: New hires in any role.

Prerequisites: None.

Learning Plan: NAED has customized a learning plan specific to core distribution positions. Once you purchase the course package you can customize the curriculum within the LMS for a variety of professions.




The Electrical Industry Playbook includes a complete toolkit of resources:

  • 60-minute online training module with interactive activities featuring key takeaways
  • Glossary of important terminology
  • Discussion guide for learning customization.