The focus on electrification has remarkable business implications for NAED members. As private investment and government funding of over $1 trillion begins to flow for a broad array of electrification projects over the next several years, NAED distributors will have the services, materials, and solutions needed for these efforts.

Given the potential opportunities, electrification will be a strategic focus for NAED as we spotlight four different areas:

  1. Infrastructure, Technology, and Connectivity
  2. Current and Future Market Opportunities
  3. Workforce Development and Education
  4. Policy & Regulation Review and Updates

NAED now has three short articles about the current state of infrastructure, market opportunities, and workforce development. Each article provides an informative summary of today’s electrification efforts and potential areas of future research. As an NAED member, you can download each Electrification 2024 article for free until September 1st, 2024.

See descriptions of the current offerings below (more will be added as they become available).

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Cover_Market-2_350xElectrification 2024: Market Opportunities

NAED provides an initial review of market oppor­tunities related to electrifica­tion and the transformation of the grid in this document, as well as market size estimates and factors that may influence market growth, including the IIJA and IRA. (6 pages)



Cover_Workforce_350xElectrification 2024: filling workforce gaps

As NAED members consider the future of work, what does a changed workforce look like amid electrification opportunities? This short article provides an initial overview, and examples of ways businesses are overcom¬ing workforce shortages, and lever¬aging non-profit, educational, governmental and channel partner programs. (6 pages)



Cover_Infrastructure_350x 2024: infrastructure, technology, and connectivity

NAED offers an overview of the primary factors driving electrification, emerging technologies that will play an important role, and the current state of renewables to bolster efforts. (10 pages)