Introduction to Electrical Distribution

In this introductory course, students will learn about the electrical distribution industry, the various roles and career options, and will receive an introduction to the products distributors sell.

Intro to Electrical Distribution is a free course for all NAED members, log on to the NAED Learning Center and search for the course in the course catalog to enroll.


Recommended Audience: New hires in any role

Prerequisites: None.

Learning Plan: NAED has customized a learning plan specific to core distribution positions. Once you purchase the course package you can customize the curriculum within the LMS for a variety of professions.

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Everyday life uses electricity. Wiring, cable, light fixtures, and other cutting-edge equipment are some of the items needed to make electricity work. Electrical distributors provide many of these things from numerous manufacturers to their customers which include contractors and industrial houses. Some of the products sold today use advanced technology to make them more efficient so many electrical distributors also provide consultative services for their customers. 

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Careers in electrical distribution can be incredibly rewarding. Distributors make sure their customers have the products they need to successfully operate. From operations to sales to marketing to IT and business management, electrical distribution has career paths for nearly all disciplines.

if you are interested in learning more about  salaries for electrical product sales roles, warehouse managers or other roles within the electrical distribution industry download the Employee Compensation report or State of the Industry Report. 

Employee Compensation Report

State of the Industry Report