ConsensusDocs publishes a comprehensive catalog of 100+ documents that cover all your contract document needs. These are the only standard contracts written and endorsed by a diverse coalition of 38 leading construction industry associations with members from all stakeholders in the design and the construction industry. The contracts incorporate best practices and fairly allocate risk to help reduce costly contingencies and adversarial negotiations.

NAED members have access to increased efficiency in contract negotiations and project execution.

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The benefits of using of ConsensusDocs contract documents, include:

  • Helping you save time and money by providing a better contractual foundation to build, written in plain English, instead of legalese;
  • Encouraging direct and positive communications, instead of creating contractual silos;
  • Giving owners an active role in the design and construction process; and
  • Addressing essential legal and insurance issues, including a “hold harmless” provision.

The advantages of using industry-accepted standard form contracts are significant. They are cost-effective, readily available in electronic format, and allow the entire office to be networked at no additional charge. The free software allows you to easily modify the documents and track changes.