The NAED PAR Report® survey provides valuable insights on distributors’ key financial and operational measures. Regarded as one of the most beneficial NAED member resources, the report provides important benchmarking information for electrical distributors on sales, operations, and assets. It features breakouts by sales volume, customer segments, number of locations and regions for additional analyses. How will this year’s data differ from last year? 

Highlights from last year include: 

  • Sales performance grew by 5% (2018 vs. 2017)
  • Warehouse sales make us 53% of total sales
  • Return on Net Worth was 18.4%

The NAED PAR Report also offers two new features for 2020.

  • Members who submit by April 24th, 2020 will receive a preliminary industry report by May 1st. Giving you a look at last year sooner than in years past.
  • Members have the option of completing an abbreviated survey for each division, region, or branch for additional benchmarking clarity. 

For questions about participating in the NAED PAR Report survey, complete the form below or contact NAED Member Engagement at 888-791-2512. 

If you are ready to submit your data now follow this link.


Or you can fill-out the form below and we will make sure to remind you!

 Deadline to complete the survey is April 24, 2020.

Curious to learn more?

Join Industry Insights for a webinar to review the online tool and reporting at 2 p.m. (EST) on March 4, 2020. Register today!

What do you get?

Those  who fully complete the survey receive the Industry Overview Report at no cost

Distributors can also opt for the Individual Company Profit Report—this customizable report allows you to filter results in numerous ways for even greater insights.

Participating is easy!

To submit your data, go to the secure web portal at You can also complete the survey by:

  • Downloading the file as a PDF or Excel file. (Once you complete the form, it can be uploaded into the portal.)
  • Faxing or emailing completed surveys directly to Industry Insights (please note this is the least secure method).

Final reports will be made available through Industry Insights’ secure web portal—a dynamic tool that provides participants with customizable sorting and dashboard tools.

How much does it cost? 

If you are a member of NAED, AD or IMARK, it is free to participate in the survey. Survey participants will receive the comprehensive Industry Overview Report at no cost.

Additional reports for companies that complete the survey:

  • Individualized Company Profit Report: $349
  • Optional Executive Summary Add-On to the Profit Report: $119

For companies that DO NOT complete the survey:

  • Industry Overview Report (NAED, AD and IMARK members): $349
  • Industry Overview Report (regular price): $599

Security is a top priority

  • Your company’s financial data is compiled from a confidential, financial performance survey administered by Industry Insights – an independent third-party research provider.
  • Data can be submitted via the PAR web portal - a secure environment overseen by Industry Insights. Contact information is logged separately from financial data and NAED will never have access to your company’s financial information.