Advanced Robotics

Advanced robotics is one of the many fields associated with disruptive technologies that are making headlines today. This research provides a glance at the sales and perceptions of this market by the electrical distribution industry. The results, from a limited number of respondents, serve as a compelling baseline for any future discussions on the place of robotics in electrical manufacturing and disruption.


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Agile Construction

This report examines the use of agile procurement within an electrical manufacturing, distribution, and construction supply chain. Agile procurement adds value by engaging all supply chain members in jointly managing the flow of material to create greater efficiency of operations.

Funded jointly by the NAED Education & Research Foundation’s Channel Advantage Partnership and ELECTRI-International, the Foundation for Electrical Construction, this study aims to find a way to eliminate waste and add value to installed electrical materials and equipment


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Alternate Distribution Channels

The proliferation of alternate distribution channels—those outside traditional brick and mortar electrical distributors—has raised many eyebrows in recent years. Growing concerns over their present and potential impact loom for many in the electrical distribution industry. This study assesses the types of companies that poise the most serious threat to distributors as an alternative source of supply. Several issues will be addressed, including:

  • A comprehensive list of companies that offer the most serious threat to electrical distributors
  • A better understanding of the types of electrical products and services that are considered the most vulnerable
  • The development of strategies to successfully compete against alternative channels

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Big Data

Big data has garnered big-time buzz as an effective means to optimize business and measure success. The resources below highlight different aspects of big data including its impact, industry potential, and how it's being used today. 


This concise report provides an introduction to the elements of big data and how smart technologies are playing a big role in the information game, including product-service hybrids - connected intelligent physical good capable of producing data for use in digital services and provide an innovative model for customer service.


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Corporate Sustainability

This research examines the sustainability trends impacting the industry, and shares best practices and ideas that you can implement at your company.


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DBE Compliance

Electrical distributors operate in an environment where public procurement projects offer business opportunities. Those projects often include requirements for participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) in the form of set-asides or quotas. Various structures for participation by DBEs and non-DBE suppliers in those public procurement projects have been utilized, and some of those structures are now facing increased scrutiny from all levels of government. That increased scrutiny has resulted in significant civil fines, criminal prosecution and prison sentences.


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DC Power

The Evolving Electric Grid: Opportunities in DC Power

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges of the rising DC power market. Featuring interviews with key players from Cisco, Milbank, ABB, and a leader of the University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt Electric Power Initiative, Gregory Reed, Ph.D., the report includes a discussion on a number of important topics that could impact the electrical distribution channel.


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DC Power Connects Report 

This brief report provides valuable background information for anyone wanting a quick overview of the “current” wars, recent applications, and sales figures for markets related to DC power opportunities (provided by IBISWorld). (published 2015)


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Disruptive Technologies

This research looks at new technologies and how they may play a significant role now and in the future. From potential service and product offerings to internal use by companies to expedite efficiency, these technologies can help set the electrical distribution industry as a leader in disruption.

This report helps sort through through the hype and explore the potential impact of new technologies. Most of them are not new to the industry, but as technology's reach continues to expand and change, they have the greatest potential. The report focuses on the following:

  • Customized Lighting
  • Energy Storage
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Gesture Controlled Devices
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Low Cost Advanced Robotics
  • Autonomous Vehicles


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Distributor Technology Benchmarking

NAED's technology benchmarks help you stay tuned in to how the industry is approaching to the latest trends. When you need the big picture, these resources set the bar -- and your priorities -- for using technology to enhance everything from your employees' customer interactions to your business bottom line.


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Emerging Sales Forces

The Emerging Sales Force considers various technology, demographic, and economic trends to help determine the organization of your sales team in the next ten years. For example, half of B2B decision makers are the most populous segment, Milllennials, and yet labor shortages loom due to slowed population growth and widespread retirements.  How could this impact your approach to sales and priorities?

Along with insights from NAED members, Frank Lynn & Associates analyzed a number of factors to develop four possible scenarios including: 

  • U.S. and global economics
  • demographics and education
  • Consumer Buying Behaviors
  • Supplier Requirements
  •  New Products

The report provides an overview of various factors as well as signposts to gauge these developments. Does your company have what it takes to be successful in the marketplace of tomorrow? This report will help assure that you're ready for the future!


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IT Expenses Benchmarking

This report provides industry professionals with the most up-to-date picture of IT financial performance measures in the industry. Following the same template as the NAED PAR Report, it features key benchmarks for categories such as:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Non-ERP Hardware and Software
  • eCommerce
  • Value-added Networks (VAN)
  • IT Support
  • Voice/Data/Internet Services 

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Let's Get Digital

This study provides guidance on the value-add of digitalization in the Canadian electrical industry, specifically as it relates to supply chain networks. An overview of the industry’s current digital progress is also included in this report.


If you are an Electro-Fed member you can contact The Member Engagement Team or access the report at If you are not an NAED or Electro-Fed member you can contact Member Engagement to purchase this report. 



Leveraging Your Data

This course teaches key data analytics tools that a distributor can utilize to be successful in today’s marketplace, drive a data-driven culture in its organization, and help identify areas for profitability and sales efficiency improvement.


Leveraging Data can be purchased individually or as part of the NAED Industry Course Bundle.


Market Conditions

US Commercial Building Construction: The Commercial Building Construction industry struggled immensely during the recession with multiple factor leading to industry revenue falling at an average annual rate of 0.2% over the five years to 2014. (Published August 2014)

US Industrial Building Construction: The Industrial Building Construction industry is responsible for constructing factories, assembly plants and mineral-processing mills. The health of the US manufacturing sector determines the industry's growth as most industry projects are related to buildings used to produce and distribute goods. (Published August 2014)

US Lighting and Bulb Manufacturing Market Update: The Lighting and Bulb Manufacturing industry produces a range of products including electric light bulbs, tubes, parts and components. In the five years to 2014, the industry has struggled with increasing input costs, which constrained revenue and profitability costs. (Published July 2014)

Electricians in the US: Revenue for the "Electricians" industry, one of the largest subcontracting industries in the US, has rebounded from its 2009 recessionary low with revenue expected to increase at an average annual rate of 3.2% to $131.6 billion in 2014. (Published July 2014)


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Maximize Marketing Efforts

This study examines the industry's current marketing practices and provides recommendations to streamline and improve those efforts.


Multiple online surveys were conducted to collect data and better understand the perspectives of NAED distributor and manufacturer members for this research. The recommendations put forth are the result of surveys, interviews, workshops, and focus groups which centered on five key areas of marketing:

  • Marketing Metrics
  • Building Brands
  • Marketing Excellence
  • Collaborative Marketing
  • Online and Social Media

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Maximize Sales Productivity

This report provides a comprehensive look at best practices and benchmarks that will help improve sales. Three major areas are addressed: channel productivity, sales efficiency, product introductions. Research includes the following highlights:

  • Snapshot of how distributor sales representatives spend their time and tools to evaluate, benchmark, and improve performance
  • Best practices that sales managers can use to maximize their team's efforts and enhance their executive skills
  • A means to identify your most profitable customers
  • Ways to examine sales processes within the channel and provide insights to bolster relationships for the betterment of the end-customers' need


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Product Liability Exposure

This research provides in-depth recommendations relative to the risks distributors face and actions they need to take to limit their product liability exposure. 


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Reimagining Distributor & Manufacturer Relationships

In early 2016, NAED published a series of reports on Reimagining Distributor & Manufacturer Relationships. The project took a close look at the importance of working together and how to achieve better, more successful relationships with your channel partners. The next step in this research was a series of workshops in which member companies met with Dirk Beveridge to truly reimagine partnerships between manufacturers and distributors.


Now you can work through this process with your own partner to foster a relationship that will continue to thrive as the industry evolves. Watch the Overview Video for a brief introduction to the steps involved in this process. Then, you can download the Playbook below to begin (the playbook is a fillable PDF to print or use to keep notes on your computer). There are also quick introductory videos for each activity in the playbook.


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Selling Services Benchmark Report

This biennial survey was designed to create a benchmark of the value added services that electrical distributors are currently offering their customers.


More information

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Smart Energy Management Systems

The Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) market is an important strategic opportunity for electrical distributors and will require them to stretch beyond their traditional capabilities. This research explores the opportunities and strategies to take advantage of the growing commercial and residential sectors.


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SPA Practices

Channel partners continue to struggle with Special Pricing Authorizations (SPAs) despite efforts to reduce their frequency, streamline the process, and create uniform standards. This report aims to take a look at the fundamental issues that still impede this process and facilitate a dialogue between supply partners on these concerns.


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Strategic Technology

Special topics in technology for electrical distributors. Subject matter includes guides, videos, and benchmark reports.


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Talent Management ToolKit

This bundle includes a comprehensive report filled with best practices, as well as the survey results. This toolkit gives NAED members a look at the industry's current beliefs regarding talent management and suggestions to enhance the company's program. Whether your company has a system in place or wants to create a program, the Talent Management & Review Toolkit offers an array of options to consider a top-notch program that fits your company's needs and objectives. 


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Terms and Conditions
2010, 2013

This research provides details on common legal provisions, negotiation tactics, and ways to effectively work with legal counsel. Click here for more information.


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Theft and Fraud in the ED Industry Bundle
2010, 2013, 2015

The Theft and Fraud bundle package includes the 2015 report, 2013 whitepaper, infographic, and three Best Practices reports from 2010. The studies on theft and fraud in electrical distribution provide insight on the magnitude of these issues and how NAED members deter and respond to such acts. (Published in 2010/2013/2015)


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Using Lean Principles

United Electric Supply and Butler Supply showcase lean principles for process improvements in the Secrets of Successful Electrical Distributors series. By implementing small changes to their warehouse operations, United Electric Supply has seen, and measured, some impressive results. Butler Supply explains how they approached eliminating waste and engaging other employees to make their warehouse operations more efficient. Five years later, Butler Supply realized a 30% increase volume in their distribution center while not adding to their head count.


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