Value Added Services

A Distributor Guide on Monitoring & Recovering Costs

Electrical distributors who work to improve services will be rewarded with reduced processing costs and better customer satisfaction and revenue streams from customers who value service.

This report addresses the importance of evaluating and ranking basic services' satisfaction and importance by customer segment; how to develop benchmarks for service costs and areas where services are insufficient; and how to best identify and produce a new service development process.

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Primary Subject Area: Business Profitability
Sales & Marketing

Audience: Electrical distributors.

Published: 2017

Prepared by: NAED South Central Region Council

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More Resources

Listed below are worksheets from the 2017 Value-Added report in an easy-to-use editable format so you can implement in your own business today.

Download Worksheet Bundle 
[ 4MB ZIP File]


Worksheet Bundle Includes:

  • Asset Improvement Worksheet
  • Expenditure Reduction Worksheet
  • Process Improvement Worksheet
  • Revenue Enhancement Worksheet
  • Special Services Worksheet

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