November 7-9, 2016  |  Marriott World Center  |  Orlando, Fla. |  Registration Opens: August 2016

The Eastern Region Conference provides a forum for education, peer networking and booth sessions with industry leaders from the Eastern Region. 

    Who Should Attend?

    This is the ideal conference to connect with senior leadership within industry-leading companies. We recommend the following groups attend - upper and middle management, regional sales, operations, and branch managers from distributors, manufacturers, allied partners, and manufacturer reps.

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    General Session: George Vorwick, VP of Eastern Region Council

    George Vorwick of United Electric Supply talks about the value of keeping your business prepared.
    Watch George's speech

    General Session: Glenn Goedecke, Chairman of NAED

    Glenn Goedecke of Mayer Electric Supply talks about four key challenges facing the electrical distribution industry.
    Watch Glenn's speech
    Meet the NAED Chair of 2015-2016, Glenn Goedecke of Mayer Electric Supply

    Rethinking Distributor-Manufacturer Relationships in the Age of Rapid Innovation

    Dirk Beveridge, President, UnleashWD
    Watch the session

    What Amazon Can't Do, but Electrical Distributors Can

    Paul Molitor, President & CEO, IDEA and Keith Peck, President, ElectricSmarts Network
    Watch the session

    Electrical Supply Chain Distribution - Developing an Agile Construction Partnership

    Lonny Simonian, Professor, California Polytechnic State University
    Watch the session

    PAR Benchmarking Analytics: How to Better Understand & Apply the Results

    Scott A. Hackworth, CPA, Senior VP, Industry Insights, Inc.
    Watch the session

    Brave New Regulatory World

    Ed Orlet, NAED, VP of Government Affairs
    Watch the session

    SPA Practices: The Present Conundrum & the Path Forward

    Michael Marks, Principal, Indian River Consulting Group
    Watch the session