Originally developed in 1986, the Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC) has more than 11,000 graduates. EPEC has become known as the cornerstone of sales and product training in the electrical distribution industry.
EPEC students may participate in three, tiered levels of professional recognition: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These courses provide information about individual products, their applications and how they are interrelated with other products in electrical systems.  In 2012 we began introducing specialization versions of EPEC such as Lighting and Voice-Data-Video (VDV).  Our newest version, EPEC Automation was introduced in early 2017.

For more information about these programs or to learn how you can test out of EPEC and earn your digital badge contact us at EPEC@NAED.org or live chat today.

EPEC–Over 30 Years and More Than 11,000 Graduates

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EPEC Student Testimonials

  • As I continue through EPEC, I’m learning more and more that I can put into my everyday work routine. This past week I had a vendor come in and talk about different firestop products and I could easily relate to the conversation. Looking forward to moving on to the final book of Silver.

    Dustin Kauzlick, Inside Sales, CED [EPEC Silver]

  • EPEC Automation is a great introductory course for salesmen looking to expand their selling opportunities. The knowledge gained from this course will provide a strong understanding of the automation process while covering the key products and concepts necessary to excel in this market.

    Joe Webb, Switchgear Sales Associate, Yale Electric Supply [EPEC Automation]

  • The most informative module in the gold series. Very interesting material.
    Thank you guys for everything.

    Roger Loberg, CSR, Graybar [EPEC Gold]

  • Good module... lots of work, but very much relevant to my job. Thanks.

    Curtis Weber, Inside Sales, Dakota Supply Group [EPEC Gold]

  • Silver was much more interesting than Bronze. I appreciate the depth of exploration on specific topics. It brought my understanding of electrical to a new level. I can't wait for gold! I can't imagine what it has in store...

    Matthew Davenport, Management Trainee, CED [EPEC Silver]

  • I would recommend EPEC to everyone wanting to do electrical sales. It was very helpful. There was some things that I asked people with 20-30 years of experience and they didn't even know.

    Jeramiah Illies, Inside Sales, Crescent Electric Supply Co. [EPEC Gold]

  • Great overview of lamp sources and education.

    Bethany Istok, Lighting Inside Sales, K/E Electric Supply [EPEC Lighting]

  • This module was especially useful for building product knowledge and taking an in-depth look at some of the stats associated with lamps and fixtures.

    Tyler Brubaker, Management Trainee, CED [EPEC Silver]

  • EPEC not only helped me learn about products, but also taught me to help the customer with their entire project in mind. Getting one order from a customer is great, but helping that customer consistently and being looked upon as a partner is a very rewarding feeling. I feel my customers and coworkers have taken notice that the EPEC program has had a very positive impact on me and I would encourage other to take the EPEC challenge.

    Christopher Heling, Account Manager, Werner Electric Supply [EPEC Gold]

  • This was a very informative module. I feel more educated on nema type enclosures and hazardous location products than I did before. In fact, I’m amazed at the customers I’ve helped with hazardous material items and nema enclosures just recently since doing this module!

    Cecil Bettis, Inside Sales, Interstate Electric Supply [EPEC Silver]

  • The EPEC Automation program will not only give you a better understanding of how to identify, locate and sell automation products, it will also enable you to assemble complete automated solutions for your customers.

    Seth Harrod, Outside Sales Associate, Springfield Electric Supply Company [EPEC Automation]

  • Overall I feel that EPEC Bronze was a very good tool in helping grow my knowledge of the industry. It also helped teach me the basics of electricity and some fundamentals that I will use throughout my career in electrical distribution.

    Brendan Barkovich, Counter Sales, Viking Electric Supply [EPEC Bronze]

  • Overall, I am very pleased with the way the Bronze level course was put together. I feel that I now have a very good understanding of product in the electrical field and a leg up on my competition. I am very happy that I took this course and that the information I gained will take my career to a new heights!

    James Ottomeyer, Trainee, CED [EPEC Bronze]

  • This module was very insightful. I am aware of how to make and prepare submittals, but this has given me a more in-depth look at selecting the best product for a given job and the confidence to suggest alternate items. Thanks!

    Chris Nelson, Inside Sales, Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply [EPEC Bronze]

  • I have learned so much from these modules. I can't believe how many times I have referenced back to the material to answer. I can't believe how many times I have referenced back to the material to answer questions.

    Dana Deemer, CSR, Graybar [EPEC Bronze]

  • I would recommend this program to anyone who is starting in the industry. It will help you not only learn the products, but also help you gain confidence and enhance your customer service.

    Grant Parian, Outside Sales, Mayer Electric Supply Co., Inc. [EPEC Bronze]

  • I have learned so much through this program - from basic to more advance lighting systems. I know this program will help me with my day to day quotations and in the near future for advanced placement.

    Cherie Bjork, Lighting Project Manager, Summit Electric Supply [EPEC Lighting]

  • This capstone helped me hone my skills at tracking down, identifying and organizing information to include a submittal.

    Kurt Merrell, Management Trainee, CED [EPEC Silver]

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