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Build Your Connected Business for 2023 and Beyond

As the business landscape continues to evolve, this research study will explore the opportunity digital transformation holds for the industry

2021 Market & Product Overview Benchmark

This report provides an overview of the sales, customers, and services as it pertains to the electrical distribution industry

2023 PAR® Report

Regarded as one of NAED's most popular offerings, the results of the NAED PAR Survey provide benchmarks for distributors' key financial categories.

2022 State of Your Industry Overview

This report provides an overview of the economic expectations, anticipated growth, and perceived industry drivers by C-suite leaders in the electrical distribution industry.

2021 Value-Added Services Benchmarking Report

This bi-annual survey was designed to create a benchmark of the value-added services that electrical distributors are currently offering their customers.

2018 E-commerce Uprising

The industry is not immune to the growing effects of e-commerce. Examine this case study of Amazon offerings and value propositions.

Economic & Industry Sector Outlook

This tool will help you identify growth opportunities by evaluating key economic indicators, revenue trends, and potential capital spend for the business areas and industries that matter most to you.

2019 Practices to Profit

Supply Chain Visions, "From Practices to Profit" report offers a comprehensive self-assessment guide tailored for electrical distributors.

2022 Customer & Product Profiles

NAED's Customer & Product Profiles is an industry-owned market intelligence tool that will help you analyze your information and help you make better informed decisions.

2016 Agile Construction

This report examines the use of agile procurement within an electrical manufacturing, distribution, and construction supply chain.

2018 Channel Partnerships

Featuring Dirk Beveridge, this project focuses on the importance of working together and how to achieve more successful relationships between distributors and manufacturers.

SPA Practices

This report aims to take a look at the fundamental issues that still impede the SPA process and facilitate a dialogue between supply partners on these concerns.

2016 Leveraging Your Data

Learn how members of the electrical distribution channel can plan and execute big data projects to maximize not only sales, but also stock, logistics and customer satisfaction.

2016 Using Lean Principles

Learn about lean principles from peers in the industry and the impressive results achieved from implementing Lean Principles.

2017 Smart Energy Management Systems

The Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) market is an important strategic opportunity for electrical distributors and will require them to stretch beyond their traditional capabilities.

2022 Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey & Report

NAED has joined together with 19 other distribution organizations in sponsoring this large cross-industry compensation study.

2021 Talent Development Benchmarking

This report includes benchmarks for distributors, general HR practices, organizational statistics, training, and recruiting efforts.

2018 Let's Get Digital

A roadmap for digital supply chain excellence in the Canadian electrical industry.

2016 DBE Compliance

This brief report reviews the proper use of DBEs and provides suggestions to establish a DBE compliance program.

Terms and Conditions

The research provides details on common legal provisions, negotiation tactics, and ways to effectively work with legal counsel.

Product Liability Exposure

This research provides in-depth recommendations relative to the risks distributors face and actions they need to take to limit their product liability exposure.

2016 IT Expenses Report

This report provides industry professionals with the most up-to-date picture of IT financial performance measures in the industry.

2017 DC Power Opportunities

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges of the rising DC power market.

2016 Emerging Sales Forces

The Emerging Sales Force considers various technology, demographic, and economic trends to help determine the organization of your sales team in the next ten years.

2018 Strategic Technology

Technology is changing the way electrical distributors manage their operations, serve their customers, and engage future leaders.

Archived Research

View NAED archived research reports published prior to 2016.

Supply Chain Scorecard

The scorecard provides a range of options in how you track and present data to your manufacturers and manufacturer reps.