Make Your Voice Heard in D.C. from the Comfort of Your Office

NAED is teaming up with the ASA to bring you a VIRTUAL Legislative Fly-In SEPTEMBER 22!



What is a Legislative Fly-In?

Think of it as a day of virtual sales calls to new prospects. Your objective is to start/build on relationships with policy makers and let them know what’s important to your company. The electrical industry is “a relationship business” and so is government. We’ll arrange a series of virtual meetings for you with Members of Congress and their key staff. We’ll prepare you in advance so you’re confident.




What’s the Reason for Doing This?

Electrical distribution has a nationwide footprint of locally owned businesses. By bringing our membership to meet with Congress, we will build relationships, raise our profile with policy makers, and position electrical distribution as a resource when our legislators are considering business or energy legislation. You’re helping the industry and your company.


How Much is Registration and What Does it Include?

Registration is $99 per company — as many people and as many locations as you want to include. Your registration fee covers:

  • Costs for arranging your meeting schedule
  • Costs for the virtual meeting platform

How Do I Set Up Meetings?

We do it all for you. You just log in when you have a meeting and talk about your business.

What Should I Wear to My Legislative Meetings? 

When in DC, dress fancy. When on Zoom, the choice of pants is up to you. Up top? No need to be formal. 

Am I Meeting with Legislative Staff or Members of Congress?

Both. Much of this depends on the legislative schedule, committee schedules, votes being taken, etc. Understand that staff plays a critical role in policymaking. Our priorities for scheduling your meetings will be to arrange meetings with the following members of Congress (meetings with key staff will be arranged if the member is unavailable):

  1. Your home state Senators
  2. Your home district U.S. Representative
  3. Members of key congressional committees, ideally from districts/states where you have operations


How Many Meetings Will I Have?

TBD. When we go in person, most members have four or five meetings. We’ll shoot for that same schedule virtually.


We know you’re busy, so we’ll only schedule the most impactful meetings.


What Am I Going to Talk About?

We will have briefing materials for you in advance, educating you on the NAED policy agenda. We suggest you limit your discussion to the one or two items from the agenda that are most important to you. Most importantly, though, is to talk about your business… how many jobs you provide the community, your positive impact on the lives of the Members’ constituents.

I Don’t Know Much About D.C. or Legislation—What if They Ask Me a Question in the Meeting?

You don’t have to be an expert. We’ll give you enough background on the issues so that you are familiar, but you aren’t expected to be a policy “wonk.” It’s perfectly acceptable to say, “Our government relations person will follow up with you on that.”

Are Manufacturers Invited? Reps? Customers?

The more the merrier. You may choose to bring a vendor or a customer or both. If you’re a manufacturer or rep agent, we’d love to have you participate.

Do I Have to Be an NAED Member to Attend?

No. Of course, we’d prefer you join NAED, but our objective is to make a strong showing on Capitol Hill. We’re confident you will have such a positive experience at this event that you will want to support your industry association.

More Information

For more information, download this brochure