SPA Practices

The Present Conundrum
and the Path Forward

Channel partners continue to struggle with Special Pricing Authorizations (SPAs) despite efforts to reduce their frequency, streamline the process, and create uniform standards. This report aims to take a look at the fundamental issues that still impede this process and facilitate a dialogue between supply partners on these concerns.

Based on input from a number of NAED manufacturer and distributor partners, and the extensive experience of ICRG, the report will provide actionable recommendations regarding the SPA process related to these three questions:

  • What are the fundamental market forces that drive the propagation of SPAs?
  • What are the realistic prospects for improving the SPAs process?
  • What are some potential alternatives to using SPAs?

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Primary Subject Area: Channel Matters

Published: 2015

Prepared by: Indian River Consulting Group

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Non-member Price: $349.00


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Best Practices Bundle
These guides are designed to facilitate a dialogue among distributors and manufacturers for the purposes of making the Special Pricing Authorization (SPA) process more efficient and reducing costs for all parties involved.

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Inventory Carrying Cost Calculator
This editable template focuses exclusively on those costs that change because of the SPA.

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SPA Management Resources

Jigsaw Systems, a partner of NAED, is available to members at a discounted rate. Jigsaw Systems is the first contract management system that encompasses the entire SPA management process.